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L5 Disc Herniation

L5 disc herniation is often the cause of your lower back pain and in some cases, sciatica as well.

A disk is made of cartilage and filled with a soft jelly-like substance. It forms a soft layer or cushion between two spinal vertebrae, and its main purpose is to absorb shocks and provide flexibility of movement. If your L5 disc is weak it can tear or rupture causing the inner layer to burst and put pressure on your spinal nerves (including the sciatica nerve). This is called L5 disc herniation.

Dr. Nick Campos West Hollywood Chiropractor has helped many patients overcome the intense pain caused by L5 disc herniation. Experienced spinal manipulation and therapeutic massages will bring much needed lower back, leg and foot pain relief and minimize symptoms over time.

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Weight gain during pregnancy, an accident, injury during a fall or strenuous sports and exercise can cause L5 disc herniation. Our experienced Los Angeles chiropractor will confirm your condition with an MRI before he determines appropriate treatment for you.

Pain medication is just a temporary solution, you need to make sure than your spine is properly aligned to avoid any further complications and relieve your pain. Chiropractic treatment is safe, non-invasive and has many health benefits.

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Experienced spinal manipulation combined with physiotherapy and soothing massages will help heal your L5 disc herniation in a natural way. Our Beverly Hills and West Hollywood patients will tell you that our therapeutic massage not only relieves their pain but takes away their stress and also raises energy levels.

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