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Arthritis treatments

Dr. Nick Campos, West Hollywood Chiropractor includes spinal realignment, massage therapy and nutritional counseling as part of his arthritis treatments.

His holistic approach is the reason for his high success rate with Los Angeles arthritis patients. His comprehensive arthritis treatment will reduce your dependence on pain pills and help you lead a more active life.

Make an appointment right away! Don’t let arthritis stop you from actively participating in sports or exercise.

Misalignment of even a single vertebra can affect the normal functioning of the rest, and puts pressure on the spinal nerves. In some cases, it leads to joint pains. Dr. Nick Campos’s arthritis treatments will remove any vertebral subluxations to effectively ease your discomfort.

Massage therapy is very helpful in relieving sore and stiff joints as well as reducing stress. Your pain and tension will melt away under the healing hands of our trained masseuses or masseurs. Many of our arthritis patients are pleasantly surprised at how energized and agile our massages make them feel.

Pain pills are not the best arthritis treatment. Our chiropractic care offers a natural and reliable solution.

Read Dr. Nick Campos' blog on Pain Relief and Chiropractic Wellness in West Hollywood. view this video for an insight into his quality chiropractic care.

Eating the right food and taking appropriate supplements can improve your overall health. Our nutritional counseling will help you draw up a healthy diet and include supplements to reduce your pain and increase your mobility.

Regular exercise is also an effective arthritis treatment. We will demonstrate simple ways to help you get back to a normal routine, keep active and improve your flexibility.

Contact us or natural arthritis treatments in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. We can show you how to get out of pain and live life to the fullest.

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