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Beverly Hills Hip Pain Relief

While hip pain is a common problem, you may be able to find relief for it in Beverly Hills. Problems with your spine can radiate to different regions, including the hips and the neck. If you are experiencing hip pain, this can dramatically affect your mobility, making it difficult for you to engage in everyday activities.

Misalignment of the spine is among the possible causes for hip pain that you can treat with relative ease. If vertebrae shift out of place, the discs may put pressure on nerves in the spine. This can result in pain in the hip and leg, numbness, or weakness throughout the leg. If left untreated, surgery may ultimately be required to alleviate the pain and correct the problem.

Hip Pain Relief in Beverly Hills

If you have started to experience hip pain, you should seek treatment for it as soon as possible. Those who work or live in Beverly Hills can contact us at the nearby Address:. Using chiropractic techniques that he has honed over the years, Dr. Nick Campos can treat your pain and provide you with relief.

Instead of using techniques that just provide you with temporary hip pain relief, our treatment can help resolve the underlying problem. If you are also experiencing stiffness in your lower back or tense muscles, you can treat the cause of your hip pain and avail yourself of the massage therapy that we provide in our facility near Beverly Hills, as well. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Campos, contact us today.

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