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Beverly Hills Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain can affect a range of activities that you might enjoy in Beverly Hills, making it important that you seek relief. Lower back pain may limit how long you are comfortable remaining seated or walking around. It can also prevent you from engaging in more rigorous activities such as your favorite sports, or from carrying your child or grandchild the way you want to.

While there are temporary solutions such as heating pads and analgesics that you can use, they do not treat the underlying problem. Rather than simply treating the symptom, you could seek pain relief that remedies the problem causing your lower back pain. If you live or work in Beverly Hills, we at the Address: can aid you.

Lower Back Pain Relief Near Beverly Hills

We use chiropractic care at our pain management facility near Beverly Hills. By realigning the spine, pressure on your nerves can be alleviated--which can contribute to lower back pain relief. In addition to relieving pressure on your nerves, it can also be used to relieve stiffness.

Beyond using chiropractic care to relieve lower back pain, we also have certified massage therapists who can work out tension in your muscle tissue in a calming environment. With regular bodywork, you can maintain your health and improve your appearance. To learn how our treatments can remedy your lower back pain and other aches that you may be feeling, call our office today.

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