Beverly Hills Nutritional Counseling

People who eat well can still benefit from nutritional counseling. There are some substances, like vitamin D, that are key to good health but can actually be toxic in high doses. Many chiropractors also provide dietary assistance and health advice in addition to their normal care plans.

Nutritional counseling encourages the eating of raw vegetables and fruits. While canned varieties provide many of the same benefits, they do not contain everything that is available in fresh produce. Additionally, all meat should be hormone-free to avoid possible toxins.

Nutritional Counseling Works With Chiropractic Care

In addition to therapy, a chiropractic clinic can give many ideas for keeping the body healthy, including:

  • Recommending daily vitamin supplements
  • Providing nutritional counseling for a balanced diet
  • Suggesting other supplements to reinforce joints and bone structure

One of the most overlooked keys to good health is water intake. Chiropractors recommend 1 ounce of water for each pound the person weighs. Dehydration can cause many joint issues and other health problems that could offset any benefits from chiropractic care.

Avoiding large levels of toxins like alcohol and anti-inflammatories is also recommended during nutritional counseling. While your body can metabolize small amounts of these substances, there are negative side effects of habitual or abusive use.

Dr. Nick Campos offers nutritional counseling in addition to chiropractic care at his clinic in the Beverly Hills area.