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Chiropractic Health Seminars

Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills chiropractor Dr. Nick Campos Every third Wednesdayof the month the West Hollywood Healing Arts Center is proud to bring you our highly informative and entertaining Spinal Care Class.

This early evening extravaganza features the latest information on keeping your body running optimally through safe, natural chiropractic care. For anyone interested in the most updated information on health and wellness that will just not be provided by the nightly news, these health seminars are a must.

Health Seminar Topics

Some of the most requested health seminar topics are:

  • Mind over Matter - Using the Power of the Mind to Heal the Body.
  • If You Only Knew What I Know - How Millions of People are Staying Young and Healthy with Chiropractic Care
  • Toxic America - The Real Reasons America Ranks So Low in the World Health Arena and How We Can Change It.

If you live or work in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, or Beverly Hills and you want to learn more about the amazing nature of the human spine and nervous system and other health topics, please contact Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills chiropractor Dr. Nick Campos.

Upcoming Health Seminars

  • Price of Admission: $39.99
    Early Registration: $20.00

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