Los Angeles Foot Orthotics

There are many foot problems that could lead to discomfort and pain in other areas of the body. Orthotics seek to correct the foot issues by developing shoe inserts that correct foot arch issues and excessive movement while walking.

A foot-specialist chiropractor can perform adjustments on the feet in order to correct some problems. Even with extensive treatment, there are some issues that are caused by the shape and behavior of the patient's feet. Personalized shoe inserts correct walking posture and often lead to reduced pain in the legs, hips and back.

Foot Orthotics Combined With a Chiropractic Approach

Foot pain can come from a variety of sources, and orthotics may only be part of the treatment. A doctor with broad training can use traditional adjustment techniques, as well as craniosacral methods, to find the source of a patient's discomfort. Since all of these treatment plans are noninvasive, chiropractic solutions do not carry the risks of surgical corrections.

It's recommended that foot orthotic patients have two sets of inserts. One can be used for support in everyday shoes while the second is geared for additional aid during athletic events. Occasional checkups with a foot doctor or specialist are recommended to be sure that the nerves remain without irritation and the orthotics still fit.

Dr. Nick Campos provides orthotic services in the Los Angeles area. Two of his specialties are orthotics and sports-related injuries.