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Neck cracking

Many people indulge in unsafe neck cracking as a means of relieving pain or stress. However, by jerking the muscles and vertebrae in your neck without proper training or knowledge you might be doing more harm than good.

If you’re experiencing soreness or stiffness in your neck, Dr. Nick Campos West Hollywood Chiropractor can relieve you of your discomfort.

Make an appointment right away!. His in-depth knowledge of body structure and extensive experience in chiropractic neck treatments will eliminate your problems.

Neck pain or discomfort can be the result of tension, an injury from a fall, misalignment of neck vertebrae from strenuous activity or even a herniated disc. Neck cracking could over-stretch your neck ligaments and put unnecessary pressure on your joints.

Dr. Nick Campos will identify the cause of the problem in order to plan the appropriate treatment. Rejuvenating massage therapy will remove the stress and gentle spinal readjustments will relieve your neck pain without any fear of damage.

Read his blog on Let it Out (office stress) and Pain Relief and Chiropractic Wellness in West Hollywood. View this video for an insight into his quality chiropractic care.

His advanced chiropractic care has helped many people in Los Angeles become pain-free. Happy patient Jamie F says, "Dr. Campos is an excellent practitioner and I would recommend him without hesitation. I started seeing him for upper back, neck and arm pain. His chiropractic care helped relieve much of the pain I was in." Read More… I started seeing him for upper back, neck and arm pain that occurred when I sneezed while lifting laundry out of the washing machine. His chiropractic care helped relieve much of the pain I was in. Over the weeks of treatment it has helped me stay out of pain, improve my posture and feel more relaxed and revitalized in general. I appreciate the way he combines chiropractic treatment with other types of physical therapy like stretching and exercise, to treat the whole problem, not just its symptoms." - Jamie F.

Neck cracking is dangerous and could result in permanent damage. Safe and natural chiropractor treatments from our reputed doctor guarantee relief whether it’s just stress or a more serious injury.

Contact us for lasting neck pain relief and to learn how to improve your fitness. Our chiropractic care helps people get out of pain and live life to the fullest.

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