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Pinched nerve in neck

A pinched nerve in your neck can cause acute pain. Symptoms range from minor distress and localized soreness to pain in the shoulders and arms that can travel as far as your wrists and hands as well.

Dr. Nick Campos West Hollywood Chiropractor can cure your pinched nerve in the neck. He has helped many patients get over debilitating lower back and neck pain, and return to their favorite sports and other activities with an increased level of fitness.

If you live or work in West Hollywood or Beverly Hills, Los Angeles then make an appointment to see Dr. Campos right away! His advanced chiropractic care will restore your physical health and eliminate body pain.

Pinched nerve in the neck is often caused by misalignment of neck vertebrae. Pain killers, anti-inflammatory pills and muscle relaxants are a temporary balm. You need to find a more permanent solution. Dr. Nick Campos will realign any vertebral subluxations and his trained massage therapists will ease away your stress, pain or discomfort.

Satisfied patient Susan R says, "Dr. Campos is amazing. I've had some pain in my shoulders and upper back while lifting weights at the gym. I've also experienced headaches and neck pain. Dr. Campos was able to identify my problem areas. He put together a therapy and exercise program that has greatly reduced my pain, helped strengthen my back, and improved my posture as well as my gym routine. I would recommend him to anyone in pain, or those who want to improve their already good health. Dr. Campos is very knowledgeable, gentle, and explains every step of the process."

Read his blog posts on Optimal Health and View this video for an insight into his quality chiropractic care.

Dr. Nick Campos’s chiropractic care in Los Angeles is committed to improving fitness and health through massage, exercise and a healthy diet. His treatment is safe and reliable, and offers natural healing as opposed to relying on medication.

Contact us for pinched nerve in neck treatment in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills that delivers results. We’ll show you how to get out of pain and live life to the fullest.

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