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TMJ Pain Relief Beverly Hills

There is a range of health problems related to temporomandibular joints (TMJ) for which you may need to seek pain relief in Beverly Hills. The TMJ connects the head with the lower jaw and normally allows for smooth opening and closing of the mouth. Among the immediate problems that can be related to the TMJ is a clicking or grating of the jaw, or the jaw becoming locked.

In more severe circumstances, problems with TMJ can result to pain spreading throughout the upper body. It can cause pain in the face, neck, shoulders, and also result in hearing problems. TMJ issues are often the result of an impact to the jaw or TMJ during sports or an accident, but they can also arise through habits such as teeth clenching and grating.

Methods for TMJ Pain Relief in Beverly Hills

If you live in Beverly Hills and believe that you suffer from TMJ pain, there are different options for pain relief that are available to you. In the most extreme cases, you may require surgery to alleviate the pain. Before you head down that path, however, you may want to consider alternative pain relief methods such as medication or chiropractic pain relief.

Residents of the Beverly Hills area can contact Dr. Nick Campos to discuss using chiropractic treatment for TMJ pain relief. Prior to opening his own facility in West Hollywood, Dr. Campos worked at the Beverly Hills Chiropractic center. When you visit us, you wonít just be treated for your TMJ problem--we will look at your overall health to identify the underlying problem and help you get better.

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