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Upper Back Pain Relief Los Angeles

There are many reasons you may need to seek upper back pain relief in Los Angeles. If you participate in athletics, you run the risk of incurring an injury to your upper back. Whether you play golf with your coworkers, swim recreationally, or play tennis, your game may suffer because of upper back pain.

You may experience upper back pain that is the result of a traffic accident that you had in Los Angeles. Such pain can surface immediately after the accident or a few weeks later. Rather than letting a chronic problem develop, you should seek treatment to prevent the problem from becoming worse.

Chiropractic Services in Los Angeles for Upper Back Pain Relief

Instead of putting up with the pain and compromising your performance at work or sports, you can seek relief in Los Angeles from Dr. Nick Campos.

  • Currently based in West Hollywood, Dr. Campos received a postgraduate degree from the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians.
  • Dr. Campos believes in a wellness philosophy, which he refers to as the Six Key Model, designed to improve health through six areas including nutrition, exercise, mental health, and rest.
  • With the chiropractic services that we offer in Los Angeles, you can seek relief for your upper back pain.

In addition to providing chiropractic services in Los Angeles to relieve upper back pain, we also offer massage therapy. In those cases where our services are not enough to provide you with the relief that you need, we can provide you with referrals to appropriate medical professionals. To learn more about the services available from Dr. Campos at our facility, contact us today.

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