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Vertebral subluxation complex

Vertebral subluxation complex is often the reason why you are experiencing pain in your neck, lower back, hands or feet. Simply put, it means that your discomfort is caused by misalignment of one or more of your spinal vertebrae that is in turn putting pressure on your spinal nerves. If one of your spinal bones is out of sync, chances are that is going to have an effect on the way the other bones are functioning as well.

Dr. Nick Campos, West Hollywood Chiropractor offers effective vertebral subluxation complex treatment. Extensive chiropractic experience and knowledge of the latest techniques enable him to give you lasting pain relief. He will prevent your condition from assuming more serious proportions.

Make an appointment right away! Pain medication is only a temporary solution. We can heal your body in a safe and natural way.

What happens with vertebral subluxation complex?

  • Loss of normal vertebral position and motion
  • Inappropriate functioning
  • Irritation or injury of spinal nerve roots
  • Changes in spinal tissue and degeneration of spinal discs
  • Inflammation

Successful chiropractic cure of vertebral subluxation complex involves effectively treating all symptoms. Dr. Nick Campos has helped many of his Los Angeles patients to heal from this condition and lead more active lives than they ever thought possible.

Read his blog on Pain Relief and Chiropractic Wellness in West Hollywood. view this video for an insight into his quality chiropractic care.

Trauma, bad posture, poor nutrition, substance abuse and emotional stress can all contribute to vertebral subluxation. Our well-recognized Beverly Hills chiropractor provides comprehensive treatment that includes realignment of your vertebrae, massage therapy, exercise and nutritional counseling to help you back to fitness as soon as possible.

Contact us or successful vertebral subluxation complex treatment if you live or work in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. We can help you get out of pain and live life to the fullest.

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