West Hollywood Chiropractic Physio Therapy

Chiropractic physiotherapy works by adjusting the body. Some of the most common areas of application are the neck, spine and feet, but the techniques may be applied to other areas, depending on what the doctor determines to be the cause of the patient's discomfort.

Injuries related to work, sports, aging or other factors often require enrollment in physiotherapy. Once any broken bones are healed, the chiropractor can begin to work with the patient to remove any lingering pain and restore the body's full range of motion. The treatment could involve adjustments at the local level or in areas like the spine, neck or feet.

Chiropractic Physiotherapy Works in Conjunction With Other Wellness Plans

When the chiropractic physiotherapy has reduced pain to a minimum, the doctor and patient can discuss methods for avoiding re-injury. A large part of preserving the chiropractor's work has to do with making healthy dietary and lifestyle changes. For example, exercising regularly, staying hydrated and returning for normal chiropractic adjustments are key to keeping a body in good health. The combination of clinical chiropractic physiotherapy and a wellness program can help with things like back and neck pain, even if they are not related to the patient's original injury.

Dr. Nick Campos provides full chiropractic physiotherapy at his clinic in the West Hollywood area. Dr. Campos also works on sports injury rehabilitation, orthotics and general back pains.