West Hollywood Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports injuries, whether they be broken bones or muscle issues, need some manner of rehabilitation before the player can go back to the game. Neglecting this important healing step can increase the risk for a re-injury or worse.

The rehabilitation process for sports injuries includes a variety of chiropractic techniques and physiotherapies. The specialist reviews the patient's medical history and previous treatments before determining which exercises and skeletal adjustments are needed. Due to their broad areas of expertise, chiropractors can work on localized areas like the spine, hips, shoulders and feet.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation Strengthens Joints and Muscles

Once the injury has been healed, the patient requires rehabilitation to strengthen the body. Chiropractic adjustments can be used to correct joint and nerve issues that can lead to a decrease in local pain and an increase in blood flow. While decreasing pain is essential to the sports injury rehabilitation, skeletal adjustments help prevent re-injury and can increase performance on the court.

Chiropractors can also act as foot doctors to ease pain and correct issues related to posture. Orthotic aids can be custom designed and ordered to support the patient when he is ready to return to the playing field.

Dr. Nick Campos practices sports injury rehabilitation and also works as a foot doctor. His chiropractic care and physiotherapy is available in the West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles areas.