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What Can You Do for Whiplash After a Car Accident?

Guest blog by David Greenberg Law

As accident lawyers, we’ve seen hundreds of our clients get whiplash after a car accident, and the one thing we’ve learned is that they don’t have to suffer.  It used to be that if you visited a doctor complaining of whiplash, they might fit you in a neck collar, give you some pain pills, and send you home to rest.  But there are things that a chiropractor can do to help ease the pain of whiplash and get your body back on the path to wellness.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is what occurs when a person’s body suddenly accelerates or decelerates and the person is unable to control the position of their own head and neck.  A person’s head and neck literally whip back and forth on the torso like a cracking whip in a totally unnatural manner, hence the term “whiplash”.  High speed cameras have been used to capture whiplash in slow motion.  It appears that bones in the upper part of the spine or neck get forced into a hyperflexed position while the bones in the lower part of the spine or neck get forced into an opposite hyperextended position.  This abnormal position and the force that caused it to happen can lead to damage of the soft tissue in the neck.  Soft tissue can refer to muscles, ligaments and tendons.

When does whiplash occur?

The most common cause of whiplash is being struck from being in a car or motor vehicle.  It doesn’t matter if you are at a stop or if your car is in motion- if you are struck from behind with enough force it is possible to get whiplash. It’s not natural for a human body to be traveling at such great speeds, and it doesn’t have a natural ability to be able to stop on a dime at these great speeds.  If you are out for a jog and stop suddenly, you’re not going to get whiplash.  But the speed at which we travel in cars and the force at which we get hit sets up a perfect storm for whiplash injuries.

What can be done about whiplash?

Some of our clients have visited a chiropractor after a whiplash injury and many have found that it helped them diminish pain and start to heal.  In general they have undergone several sessions of chiropractic manipulation to realign their neck and spine after the accident.  Once a person has suffered whiplash they may not have proper alignment in their spine and this can lead to pain and long term problems.  By getting adjusted they usually feel better after a session.  If it’s the muscle that has sustained injured, then the chiropractor may use muscle stimulation or relaxation techniques to help the patient. Many of our clients report that they find it relaxing to visit the chiropractor and that they feel less pain after a session.  With ongoing treatment, many of clients have fully recovered and now lead pain-free lives with no long term affects from their whiplash.


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