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Injury to your neck ligaments, tendons and muscles often result in neck pain called whiplash. Largely the result of an abnormal force that causes your neck to move beyond its normal range, it can occur during sports activities, car accidents or even as a result of a fall.

Neck pain and swelling, difficulty moving your neck, headaches and shooting pain in your neck, shoulder and arm can mean that you are suffering from whiplash. Dr. Nick Campos West Hollywood Chiropractor provides long-term neck pain relief.

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Our experienced chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy for whiplash in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Los Angeles will restore your physical and mental health.

Whiplash (especially from car accidents) that is unattended to can cause chronic health problems like sciatica, loss of sleep, dizziness and lower back pain. Timely attention from Dr. Nick Campos will eliminate the risk of more damage and the need for surgery.

Years of experience and deep dedication to his patientsí well being guarantees quick results for whiplash cure.

Happy patient Gerard R says, "I started seeing Dr. Campos after a car accident four years ago. I had stiffness on one side of my neck and my back was sore. His chiropractic treatment has helped me feel much more relaxed and so I sleep better. My stress levels have decreased as well. I have recommended his chiropractic care to several of my friends and will continue to do so. "

Read Dr. Camposí blog on Chronic Pain and view this video for an insight into his quality chiropractic care.

Dr. Nick Camposí result-oriented treatment will free you from the painful grip of whiplash so that you can get back to sports, exercise and all the other daily activities that are important to you.

Contact us for quick and lasting whiplash relief in Los Angeles. We encourage our patients to get out of pain and live life to the fullest.

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