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Innate Itelligence: Source Expressing Life

by Dr. Nicolas Campos

Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills Chiropractor Dr. Nick Campos

Innate is Source.  Education is semi-source.  The body is non-source.  Were there no source, there would be no beginning.  Innate being source is the beginning.   Education must go to Source - Innate - to have its beginning.  The body is merely the medium of expression of Source. ~ B.J. Palmer, Chiropractic Philosophy Science and Art. Vol. XXXII

Last month we discussed Universal Intelligence, that force that brings organization and order to a seemingly random universe.  We discussed how Universal Intelligence permeates all things, how we are all a part of Universal Intelligence, and how we are bound by its laws and physical parameters.  We also discussed how western culture has fixated on a pharmaceutical solution for its health problems, becoming more and more reliant on drugs for not just illness, but for normal physiological functioning as well.

This month I would like to discuss how Universal Intelligence operates through all living things.  Life has within it an Innate Intelligence organizing and carrying out all the functions necessary for the expression of that life.  Innate Intelligence is a part of Universal Intelligence; it is a force separating animate from inanimate objects, the living from the non-living.  Innate Intelligence is responsible for all aspects that make life possible, whether we are talking about bacteria, a plant, or a human being.  It is the mission of my Los Angles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood chiropractic office to teach all my clients about the amazing healing and regulating powers of Innate Intelligence.

Innate Intelligence Is

west hollywood chiropractor--fertilizationLet me give you a concrete example of how Innate Intelligence operates.  During fertilization, when a human egg (ovum) and sperm combine, a diploid zygote results.  Diploid means that the organism has two sets of genetic material, half of which is inherited from the mother, half from the father, and packaged into 23 pairs of chromosomes.

beverly hills chiropractor--fertilizationThe zygote then goes through a round of cell division called mitosis, resulting in two identical cells with the exact same genetic material.  The cells divide again producing four indistinguishable cells, and then again making eight.  They do this again and again, doubling the number of cells each time.  This aggregate of cells continues to grow, becoming a spherical mass.  At this stage of embryogenesis, the ball of cells is called a morula

los angeles chiropractor--fertilizationEvery cell within the morula is identical, not one different from another; yet, at some point in embryonic development, different tissue lines grow.  Hair cells form.  Skin cells form.  Cells that become our nervous system, our digestive system, and our urinary system form.  How does this happen when from the beginning all the cells are exactly the same?  In the early stages, the cells of the forming embryo are said to be undifferentiated.  This means that they have the potential to become any and all cell lines, whether hair, skin or teeth.

West Hollywood Chiropractor--Innate IntelligenceAt about four weeks of development the cell lines start to differentiate.  Hair cells develop, which leads to the formation of hair.  Tooth cells develop, as do skin cells, each leading to the formation and growth of their respective cell types; yet what directs this differentiation?  Genetics perhaps?  Well, all cells of the developing embryo have the same exact genes, as they are the progeny of the initial parent cell, so that can't be it. What then, the environment?  Without a doubt the environment, including inductive agents and growth factors, contribute.  This is called epigenetics, as in “above and beyond” genetics, and no doubt it’s a contributing factor.  Some scientists, however, believe there is more, randomness perhaps (see last article), but something else accounts for the precise differentiation of embryonic stem cells into distinct cell lines?

That force directing cell line differentiation is Innate Intelligence.  It is not random.  In 99.9999% of instances, it happens flawlessly.  Hair cells become hair, nail cells become finger and toe nails, and liver cells become part of the liver.  We don’t see people that have toe nails as hair, mucosal lining as skin, or hair as teeth.  And in those instances where Innate Intelligence encounters an obstacle and the whole process functions less than perfectly, the organism fails to survive.  That is Innate Intelligence in action.

Innate Intelligence Knows How to Run a Human Body Perfectly

beverly hills chiropractor--immune system, innate intelligenceNot only does Innate Intelligence know exactly how to form a human being, it knows how to run one as well.  It does this flawlessly.  Innate intelligence knows exactly how to run a pulmonary system, it knows how to operate a kidney filtering system, and it knows how to direct and run the immune system perfectly.  The innate intelligence of the human body knows exactly when to secrete every hormone, every neurotransmitter, and every digestive enzyme; Innate Intelligence knows how each system and cell should interact with others, and it knows when to shut things down (apoptosis).  It understands homeostasis better than the greatest scientific minds in the world—it knows it because it controls it, the way it controls all life processes.  Innate intelligence is the life force, and we all have it.

los angeles chiropractor--Innate IntelligenceA cadaver is a perfect example to explain the workings of Innate Intelligence.  Since Innate Intelligence is responsible for the healing process, if you cut a living being, that cut will heal.  Cut a cadaver and the cut will never mend.  That’s because the cadaver has lost much of its innate Iife force—Innate Intelligence has drained from that mass of once living matter.

The greatest minds in history have been unable to create a human cell from scratch.  We have the technology to clone human cell lines from an already existing cell, but we are yet to produce a cell from nothing, from raw materials.  Nature, however, does it repeatedly, day in and day out.  Does anybody else find this as magnificent as I do?  This one simple process of universal organization turns me on to no end.  Life creates life continually through Innate Intelligence.  Truly amazing!

West Hollywood chiropractic--Innate Inteligence

If man does not have the capacity to create a human cell, proving that we are not smarter than nature, then why does man think he can run the human body better than Innate Intelligence can?  Whoa!  That’s right, man believes, either consciously or subconsciously, that we can run the human body better than Universal Intelligence does.  Why? This is precisely what man is attempting when he focuses on improving physiological processes.  Isn’t this what we have done by categorizing physiology into “normals” and “abnormals”?  Isn’t this what we are doing when we design pharmaceuticals to not only overcome illnesses, but to improve on physiology, sometimes attempting to operate outside of universal laws?  Aren’t doctors prescribing cholesterol lowering statins first, exercise second, maybe even third or fourth?  Isn’t this in complete ignorance of the amazing self-healing, self-regulating powers of the human body known as Innate Intelligence?

You Can Obstruct Innate Intelligence

Beverly Hills chiropractic--Innate IntelligenceInnate intelligence is what runs our bodies 24/7.  All health and healing occurs through Innate Intelligence, not drugs, sorry.  Drugs can help people get over humps; they can help people by weakening microorganism before Innate takes over through the immune system; but drugs never, in and of themselves, bring health.  Only the power that made the body can heal the body, and that power is Innate Intelligence. 

You can deny this fact, and worship drugs and surgical procedure; but you cannot operate outside of universal laws, one such law being Innate Intelligence.  Each drug hampers Innate Intelligence, only a little bit for some, or not much if taken for only a short period; but take those drugs for an extended time, or up the dose (as is typical once tolerance sets in) and your Innate Intelligence becomes hampered. 

Los Angeles chiropractic--surgerySame holds true for surgical procedures—each one draining Innate a little bit.  Innate is not finite, so you can recover, but do little to replenish your Innate Intelligence (through health-enhancing behaviors), and your health will suffer.  Let me be a bit more frank—drain your Innate Intelligence with multiple drugs and surgeries, and you drain your life.  Can’t be more straightforward than that.Los Angeles chiropractic--innate intelligence

And understand that any body part removed affects your expression of Innate Intelligence.  So think twice before undergoing a “routine" body part removal.  This does not mean that organ removal is never necessary—and fortunately for all of us, Innate is so powerful, it can even overcome the loss of organs and maintain life—but undergoing an “-ectomy “ should be carefully considered and never done haphazardly as a matter of medical routine.

This, my friends, is the story of the incredible power operating through you and within you at all times.  Appreciate it; respect it, and take care of it as if it’s your most precious asset—because it is.

Next month we will talk about those behaviors, one in particular, that allows your Innate Intelligence to operate at its highest potential.  See you next month for the third chapter in this incredible health and wellness story.

-June 15, 2010

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